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Military Grade First Aid Kits

Soldiersneed to be equipped with the military grade, high quality first aid kits to survive in the worst of situations and weathers. Keeping a quality Military Grade First Aid Kits can surely save your life. For a kit to be actually useful, it needs to contain all essential items and medicines like antibiotics, bandages, antiseptics etc.

Why Military Grade First Aid Kits?

Soldiersgo on missions in remote and far off places for long durations. During these times, they face hardships and injuries. With proper military grade first aid kits, the men can safeguard their lives and of others.

These military grade kits have become very popular and useful and are thus used by the

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Survival Movies: A list of some of our favorite survival related movies of all time.

Year Zero Survivals favorite movie list:Panic In Year ZeroThe Omega ManI Am LegendThe Last Man on EarthThe Day AfterThe Book of EliCry In The WildInto The WildOpen WaterThe Day After TomorrowThe Naked PreyDeep ImpactFlight of The PhoenixBonus, our favorite TV survival show:SURVIVAL ON TVRelated Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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6 Alternative Uses for Paracord

We all love paracord for its multitude of uses - both survivalists and DIYers alike. People use paracord in camping, sporting, source of income, and as a fun crafting project. A bracelet is the best example of what most people make for use in a survival situation and as a DIY project. The options are endless; there are hunders (if not thousands) of knots, weaves, and colors to try. But the best thing is nearly every single day I find something new to use paracord for (see #4 - #6 below).

The most common use today for paracord is for crafting fun and unique proje

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Facebook Digest - Monday 28 March to Sunday 3 April 2016


Welcome to our latest Facebook Digest, which brings you up to date with the news and views posts covering the period from Monday 28 March to Sunday 3 April 2016. Predictably, the weathers been a bit mixed it is early April but its warmer and with the clocks going forward, theres some lovely light in the evenings. As mentioned, Ive been taking bookings for both Kent and Oxford and the first training session in France is now booked. Finally, dont forget, time is running out to take advantage of our Spring Offer just a few days left.

SPRING OFFER book a riding assessment

and get money back when you book at one or two day course!


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RE Factor Tactical | Unconventional Solutions (TM)

Chapter 1, title 4 of the US Code governs the use and display of the US Flag. While there are no laws that punish those who violate this code (there used to be but it was later repealed as unconstitutional) it is still important to know the proper etiquette of wear and use of the flag when placing it on your kit or uniform. The Pentagon states that the end each states Attorney General has the responsibility to set the []


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Facebook Digest 15 - 21 February 2016

FB Front Page Snap


Welcome to our latest Facebook Digest, which brings you up to date with the news and views posts covering the period from Monday 15 to Sunday 21 February 2016.

If there are two topics which are bound to set fingers to keyboards its a transgressing motorist and protective clothing. And you can find both on our Facebook page this week. In the first, a motorist was shopped by a vigilante website, which claims its the first prosecution brought about by in-car

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Podcast #185: Forces of Character


Its something we all want. In our leaders, our children, and for ourselves.

But what is character and how do we go about developing it?

My guest today tried to find the answers to those questions and the result is his bookForces of Character.His name is Chad Hennings. Many of you might know him from his days playing defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys when they were winning Super Bowls left and right. But what you might not know about Chad is that hes also a veteran of Operation Desert Storm. Since hanging up his football cleats, Chad has spent his time helping men become better leaders, husbands, and fathers through speaking engagements and book writing.

InForces of Character, Chad shares interviews he did with a wide ranging group of people from Roger Staubach to a woman who survived Auschwitz on what it means to live a life of character.Today on the podcast, Chad I discuss some of the insights about character hes gained from talking to these folks. This is a great podcast to listen to with your children.

Show HighlightsWhy character is kineticThe lessons on character Chad got from playing football as a kidWhy training your character is similar to training your bodyWhat all the people Chad interviewed in his book have in common when it comes to characterHowgrowing up on a farm builds character and resilienceWhat Roger Staubach can teach us about duty and consistencyHow a homeless recovery center in Dallas has a 25 times higher success rate getting folks off the street than other organizationsWhat an Auschwitz survivor can teach you about the importance of humor in developing characterHow Gregg Poppovich created a team first ethos at the San Antonio Spurs (and how thats caused him to pass on some of the most talented players in basketball)What men can do to teacher character to the next generationAnd much more!Resources/Studies/People Mentioned in Podcast

forces of character book cover chad hennings author

Forces of Characteris a quick read, but full of great insights about living a life from character from prominent individuals from all walks of life. My favorite interviews were with Roger Staubach, Tom Henricks, Gregg Popovich, and Edith Edger. For more information about Chad and his book, visit chadhennings.com

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